Media Mentions

Rebecca Kopriva in Education Week

November 17, 2011

Rebecca Kopriva is among judges who help decide which states earn waivers under the No Child Left Behind Act (Education Week, 17 Nov.).

Sara Goldrick-Rab in Inside Higher Ed

November 16, 2011

Sara Goldrick-Rab says tax credits are unlikely to be a deciding factor in helping more students attend college (Inside Higher Ed, 16 Nov.).

Chris Thorn in Education Week

November 15, 2011

Chris Thorn comments on the pressures changing how school districts evaluate teachers (Education Week, 15 Nov.).

Diana Hess in the World Net Daily

November 1, 2011

Diana Hess says that discussing controversies about the nature of the public good, and how to achieve it, is essential if we are to education for democracy (World Net Daily, 1 Nov.)

Richard Halverson in the Capital Times

October 24, 2011

Richard Halverson talks about the need to address school buildings' crumbling infrastructure (Capital Times, 24 Oct.).

Diana Hess in Education Week

October 24, 2011

Diana Hess and colleagues say that civics education is equally as important as math and science instruction (Education Week, 24 Oct.).

Beth Graue in

October 19, 2011

Beth Graue comments on Georgia's new assessment designed to help kindergarten teachers gauge their student's first grade readiness (ajcOnline, 19 Oct.).

Chris Thorn in the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram

October 16, 2011

Chris Thorn discusses things school districts should consider when investing in new classroom technology (Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, 16 Oct.).

Adam Gamoran in Education Week

October 4, 2011

President Obama has tapped Adam Gamoran to serve another term on the National Board for Education Sciences (Education Week, 4 Oct.).

Madeline Hafner on

October 3, 2011

MSAN Director Madeline Hafner outlines key strategies for closing the achievement gap (, 3 Oct.).

Allan Odden on

October 1, 2011

Allan Odden comments on a federal proposal that includes linking teacher quality to the institutions or programs where they were trained (, 1 Oct.).

Adam Gamoran Participates in National Science Foundation Event

September 26, 2011

Adam Gamoran participated in a Sept. 19 event in Philadelphia to focus national attention on the National Research Council's recent study of K-12 STEM education, which Gamoran chaired (NSF, 26 Sept.).

Madeline Hafner The Missourian

September 19, 2011

Madeline Hafner discusses the goals of this year's national conference of the Minority Student Achievement Network (The Missourian, 19 Sept.).

Kurt Squire and Susan Millar on

September 17, 2011

Kurt Squire and Susan Millar discuss the new computer game Virulent, in which players become a virus trying to infect a cell (, 17 Sept.).

Allan Odden in the Christian Science Monitor

September 16, 2011

Allan Odden comments on the implications of high rates of teacher retirement in Wisconsin (Christian Science Monitor, 16 Sept.).