Journal Articles

Recent publications authored by WCER researchers include:

“The Fourth Wall of Professional Learning and Cultures of Collaboration,” Hala Ghousseini, Sarah Schneider Kavanagh, Elizabeth Dutro, Elham Kazemi, Educational Researcher, April 2022

“Technology-Enhanced Items in Grades 1–12 English Language Proficiency Assessments,” Ahyoung Alicia Kim, Rurik L. Twyoniw, Mark Chapman, Language Assessment Quarterly, March 2022

“Language Standards Frameworks and Language Assessment: A Codependent Relationship,” Margo Gottlieb, Mark Chapman, International Journal of TESOL Studies, March 2022

“‘One Internship, Two Internships, Three Internships…More!’: Exploring the Culture of the Multiple Internship Economy,” Matthew Wolfgram, Vivien Ahrens, Journal of Education and Work, February 2022

“Bilingual Investments of Dual-Language Immersion Program Alumni,” Madina Djuraeva, Diep Nguyen, Mariana Castro, International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, February 2022

“Breaking the Fourth Wall: Reaching Beyond Observer/Performer Binaries in Studies of Teacher and Researcher Learning,” Sarah Schneider Kavanagh, Alison Fox Resnick, Hala Ghousseini, Elizabeth Schiavone Gotwalt, Eric Cordero-Siy, Elham Kazemi, Elizabeth Dutro, Cognition and Instruction, February 2022

​"Glocal Network Shifts: Exploring Language Policies and Practices in International Schools," Esther Bettney, Jon Nordmeyer, Global Education Review, September 2021

"Why Teachers Stay: Shaping a New Narrative on Rural Teacher Retention," Jennifer L. Seelig, Katie M. McCabe (both formerly of WCER), Journal of Research in Rural Education, 2021 (Work supported by funding from WCER and RERIC)

"Using Classroom Observations in the Evaluation of Special Education Teachers," Nathan D. Jones, Courtney A. Bell, Mary Brownell, Yi Qi, David Peyton, Daisy Pua, Melissa Fowler, Steven Holtzman, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, January 2022

“Translating mentoring interventions research into practice: Evaluation of an evidence-based workshop for research mentors on developing trainees’ scientific communication skills,” Christine Bell, Erin K. Dahlstrom, Shine Chang, Hwa Young Lee, Cheryl B. Anderson, Annie Pham, Christine Maidl Pribbenow, Carrie A. Cameron, PLoS ONE, February 2022

"On the Intersectional Amplification of Barriers to College Internships: A Comparative Case Study Analysis," Matthew T. Wolfgram, ​Brian Vivona, Tamanna Akram, Harvard Educational Review, December 2021

“Using Design of Location-Based Augmented Reality Experiences to Engage Art-Oriented Girls in Technology and Science,” Cathlyn Merritt Davis, Amy Kamarainen, Martin Storksdieck, David Gagnon, Ruth Kermish-Allen, Kelly Riedinger, Frontiers in Education, November 2021

“Closing the Doors of Opportunity: A Field Theoretic Analysis of the Prevalence and Nature of Obstacles to College Internships,” Matthew T. Hora, Matthew Wolfgram, Zi Chen, Changhee Lee, Teachers College Record, December 2021

“Using Multistage Testing to Enhance Measurement of an English Language Proficiency Test,” David MacGregor, Shu Jing Yen, Xin Yu, Language Assessment Quarterly, October 2021

Teacher Mindsets and Student Sense of Classroom Belonging,” James Pyne, Eric Grodksy, Katie Eklund, Patti Schaefer, Elizabeth Vaade, OSF Preprints, September 2021

“The Signaling Power of Unexcused Absence from School,” James Pyne, Eric Grodksy, Elizabeth Vaade, Bo McCready, Eric Camburn, Dominique Bradley, Educational Policy, October 2021

"Moving Toward Stronger Advising Practices: How Black Males’ Experiences at HPWIs Advance a More Caring and Wholeness-Promoting Framework for Graduate Advising," Brian Burt, Carmen M. McCallum, Joshua D. Wallace, Justin J. Roberson, Anne Bonanno, Emily Boerman, Teachers College Record, October 2021

“Resilience, collaboration, and agency: Galapagos teachers confronting the disruption of COVID-19,” Diego X. Roman, Mariana Castro, Cynthia Baeza, Richard Knab, Susan Huss-Lederman, Miriam Chacon, The Journal of Environmental Education, Sept. 24, 2021

“Developing Skills in Higher Education for Post-Pandemic Work,” Leopold Bayerlein, Matthew T. Hora, Bonnie A. Dean, Stephanie Perkiss, Labour & Industry Journal, Aug. 17, 2021

“A Sociocultural Approach to Communication Instruction: How Insights from Communication Teaching Practices Can Inform Faculty Development Programs,” Matthew T. Hora, Ross J. Benbow, Changhee Lee, Journal of the Learning Sciences, Aug. 10, 2021