Journal Articles

Recent publications authored by WCER researchers include:

Teaching Academics about Microaggressions: A Workshop Model Adaptable to Various Audiences,” Eve Fine, Jennifer Sheridan, Christine Fabian Bell, Molly Carnes, Carmen Juniper Neimeko, Manuela Romero, Understanding Interventions Journal, 2018.

Re-thinking Soft Skills and Student Employability: A New Paradigm for Undergraduate Education,” Matthew T. Hora, Ross J. Benbow and Bailey B. Smolarek, 2018.

Teaching-focused Social Networks among College Faculty: Exploring Conditions for the Development of Social Capital,” Ross Benbow and Changhee Lee, Higher Education, 2018.

Feeling the Stress and Strain – Race, Economics, and the Educational Experiences of Latinx Emergent Bilinguals in a ‘New’ Destination School,” Bailey Smolarek, Race Ethnicity and Education, 2018.

Keys to the Gate? Equal Sign Knowledge at Second Grade Predicts Fourth‐Grade Algebra CompetencePercival G. Matthews and Lynn S. Fuchs, Child Development, 2018.

Culturally Responsive Indigenous Evaluation and Tribal Governments: Understanding the Relationship” Waapalaneexkweew (Nicole Bowman) and Carolee Dodge‐Francis, New Directions in Evaluation, 2018.

Cultural Capital at Work: How Cognitive and Noncognitive Skills are Taught, Trained and Rewarded in a Chinese Technical College,” Matthew T. Hora and Chelsea A. Blackburn Cohen, Community College Review, 2018.

“Black-White Earnings and Employment Differences in the K-12 Teaching Labor Market – Potential Impact on Black Males with Learning Disabilities, David D. Dantzler, Journal of Research Initiatives, Volume 3, Number 2, Article 6, June 8, 2018

“The Effects of Doctoral Teaching Development on Early-Career STEM Scholars’ College Teaching Self-efficacy,” Mark R. Connolly, You-Geon Lee, Julia N. Savoy, CBE-Life Sciences Education, Spring 2018

Choosing STEM College Majors: Exploring the Role of Pre-College Engineering Courses,” L. Allen Phelps, Eric M. Camburn and Sookweon Min, Journal of Pre-College Engineering Education Research, 2018.

Examining Faculty Reflective Practice: A Call for Critical Awareness and Institutional Support,” Matthew T. Hora and Bailey B. Smolarek, The Journal of Higher Education, 2018.

The Effects of Doctoral Teaching Development on Early-Career STEM Scholars’ College Teaching Self-efficacy,” Mark R. Connolly, You-Geon Lee and Julia N. Savoy, CBE-Life Sciences Education, 2018.

Using Epistemic Network Analysis to Identify Targets for Educational Interventions in Trauma Team Communication,” Sarah Sullivan, Charles Warner-Hillard, Brendan Eagan, Ryan J Thompson, Andrew Ruis, Krista Haines, Carla Pugh, David Williamson Shaffer, Hee Soo Jung. Surgery, 2018.

Using Collaborative Approaches with a Multi-method, Multi-site, Multi-target Intervention: Evaluating the National Research Mentoring Network,” Lourdes R. Guerrero, Jennifer Ho, Christina Christie, Eileen Harwood, Christine Pfund, Teresa Seeman, Heather McCreath and Steven P. Wallace. BMC Proceedings, 2017.

Tracking Health Inequalities from High School to Midlife,” Jamie M. Carroll, Chandra Muller, Eric Grodsky, John Robert Warren, Social Forces, December 2017.

Sequencing Support for Sense Making and Perceptual Induction of Connections Among Multiple Visual Representations,
Martina Rau, Journal of Educational Psychology, Dec 21, 2017.

Momentum Through Course-Completion Patterns Among 2-Year College Students Beginning in STEM: Variations and Contributing Factors,” Hsun-Yu Chan, Xueli Wang, Research in Higher Education, 2017.

Gaining Insight by Transforming Between Temporal Representations of Human Interaction,” Kristine Lund, Mattieu Quignard, David Williamson Shaffer, Journal of Learning Analytics, 2017.

A new approach to mentoring for research careers: the National Research Mentoring Network,” Christine Pfund and colleagues, BMC Proceedings, 2017.

Using collaborative approaches with a multi-method, multi-site, multi-target intervention: Evaluating the National Research Mentoring Network,” Christine Pfund and colleagues. BMC Proceedings, 2017.