New Grants

John Smithson and Eric Osthoff (co-PIs) were awarded $62,000 from the William T. Grant Foundation/U. of Southern California to research algebra instruction in the Common Core era, through October 2016. 

Elizabeth Cranley (PI) and the WIDA Early Years Team were awarded $56,000 from the Maryland State Department of Education for work on kindergarten readiness assessment for dual-language learners, through June 2016.

Eric Knuth (PI) was awarded $48,000 from TERC/National Science Foundation for his continued work on comparing the performance of students who receive an early algebra intervention to students who receive more traditional elementary-grade instruction, through August 2016.

Richard Halverson (PI) was awarded $125,000 for work with Wisconsin CESA 1 to document how personalized learning works in a variety of schools, through August 2016.

David Williamson Shaffer (PI) was awarded $10,000 from the Spencer Foundation for the project, “Exploring the Potential of Virtual Internships for Civic and Media Education,” through 2016. 

John Gugerty (PI) was awarded $18,000 from the U.S. Department of Education for evaluating the program, “Teachers Engaged in Authentic Mathematics (TEAM),” through August 2016.

Mark Connolly and Julia Nelson Savoy were awarded $175,445 from the National Science Foundation to extend “Talking About Leaving Revisited,” through 2017.

Peter Steiner (PI) was awarded $235,000 from the National Science Foundation to evaluate methods for assessing the impacts of STEM education and other initiatives, through August 2018.