Douglas Harris in Education Week

March 31, 2010

Douglas Harris discusses research-based criticism of Race to the Top (Education Week, 31 March).

Beth Graue on

March 31, 2010

Beth Graue comments on kindergarten readiness (, 31 March)

Sara Goldrick-Rab on National Public Radio

March 29, 2010

Sara Goldrick-Rab comments on the lack of federal funds for community colleges (National Public Radio, 29 March).

Helping Students Understand Proofs

March 29, 2010

Students often have difficulties understanding mathematical proofs. Recent calls for a stronger focus on proof and justification in the middle grades have led to changes in curriculum and in teaching.

Allan Odden in the Orlando Sentinel

March 26, 2010

Allan Odden comments on a Florida Senate bill that would tie teacher salaries to student performance (Orlando Sentinel, 26 March).

What Makes Schools Work

March 22, 2010

John Smithson and colleagues are analyzing how teachers in about 150 schools teach grades 2-8 mathematics.

VARC Featured in NY Public Schools Training Video

March 15, 2010

WCER’s Value-Added Research Center is helping New York City schools better measure teacher contributions to student achievement.

A New Era for the Strategic Management of Human Capital

March 10, 2010

Over the past 18 months educators have seen the national education reform agenda transformed. Novel ideas and unique strategies have been placed on the national docket for serious consideration. This transformation includes a focus on developing talent and managing human capital, a core emphasis of the education agenda of President Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

The Mathematics of Space and Motion

March 8, 2010

Martha Alibali and Mitchell Nathan are leading a team of three university groups investigating the learning and teaching of the mathematics of space and motion.

Robert Mathieu in ArsTechnica

March 7, 2010

Robert Mathieu says learning is occurring in spite of our graduate system, not because of it (ArsTechnica, 7 March).

District and School Contexts Affect Science Curriculum Reform

March 1, 2010

National and state contexts affect curriculum reform by shaping district policies and resource allocation.

Eric Camburn in the Isthmus

February 26, 2010

Eric Camburn comments on efforts to improve teaching quality (Isthmus, 26 Feb.).

Postdoctoral Students Train in Mathematical Learning and Instruction

February 22, 2010

The U.S. needs more well-trained education researchers (a) to address questions about the effectiveness of educational programs and policies and (b) to provide an empirical basis for designs of curricula, assessments, instructional approaches, and learning environments.

Gary Cook in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

February 20, 2010

Gary Cook says teachers and school administrators want more training to better interpret and use data from the state's assessment system (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 20 Feb.).

Ruth Lopez-Turley in the Los Angeles Times

February 15, 2010

Ruth Lopez-Turley discusses college enrollment trends among Latino and Hispanic students (Los Angeles Times, 15 Feb.).