Rob Meyer in the NY Post

February 25, 2012

Rob Meyer comments on the system New York uses to evaluate Grade 4-8 teachers (NY Post, 25 Feb.).

Sara Goldrick-Rab in Marketplace

February 24, 2012

Sara Goldrick-Rab says just over half of full-time students at four-year colleges graduate in six years (Marketplace, 24 Feb.)

Gary Cook in Education Week

February 22, 2012

Gary Cook and colleagues have produced a a guidebook for the U.S. ED Department to help states set new proficiency standards and academic-achievement targets for English-language learners (Education Week, 22 February).

Improving Evaluations for Teachers and Principals

February 20, 2012

Steve Kimball and WCER colleagues are working with the Department of Public Instruction’s Educator Effectiveness Design Team to develop frameworks for teacher and principal evaluation.

Timothy Boals in The Guardian

February 14, 2012

Timothy Boals discusses the challenges of educating a growing number of students who are English Language Learners (The Guardian, 14 Feb.).

Network Promotes Climate Science

February 13, 2012

Sandra Rutherford and colleagues are working to advance discovery and understanding of climate science

Team Teaching Practices Affect Value-Added Measurements

February 12, 2012

Schools can be closed. Compensation for teachers and principals can be affected.

Madeline Hafner on

February 7, 2012

MSAN Director Madeline Hafner comments on a new plan to close the achievement gap in Madison schools (, 7 Feb.).

Law Students Need Epistemic Experience

February 6, 2012

There’s a difference between having a law degree and being ready to provide services.

Center on Education and Work Collaborates with Singapore Educators

January 31, 2012

Students and schools in Singapore are benefiting from research from the UW-Madison’s Center on Education and Work. In February 2009 the Singapore Ministry of Education adapted CEW’s WISCareers and CareerLocker online career-information systems for use in Singapore schools.

Sara Goldrick-Rab in Inside Higher Ed

January 30, 2012

Sara Goldrick-Rab comments on President Obama’s plan to link federal aid to colleges based in part on whether they provide “good value” to students (Inside Higher Ed, 30 Jan.)

Strengthening Community Colleges

January 30, 2012

Sara Goldrick-Rab has been appointed to The Century Foundation’s Task Force on Preventing Community Colleges from Becoming Separate and Unequal.

Adam Gamoran in the Badger Herald

January 29, 2012

Adam Gamoran says the driving factor behind university tuition increases is the decline of state support (Badger Herald, 29 Jan.)

Engaging Researchers and Education Service Agencies

January 23, 2012

WCER and the Office of Education Outreach and Partnerships look forward to hosting staff from Wisconsin’s Cooperative Educational Service Agencies (CESAs) at our annual meeting 21 February.

Evaluating Individualized Learning Plans

January 17, 2012

There is strong consensus among parents, teachers, and students that individualized learning plans (ILPs) help improve student outcomes.