Madeline Hafner The Missourian

September 19, 2011

Madeline Hafner discusses the goals of this year’s national conference of the Minority Student Achievement Network (The Missourian, 19 Sept.).

Computer-Interactive Items for Students with Language Challenges

September 19, 2011

Rebecca Kopriva and colleagues are working to increase the accessibility and validity of science assessments for high school students with limited English proficiency.

Kurt Squire and Susan Millar on

September 17, 2011

Kurt Squire and Susan Millar discuss the new computer game Virulent, in which players become a virus trying to infect a cell (, 17 Sept.).

Allan Odden in the Christian Science Monitor

September 16, 2011

Allan Odden comments on the implications of high rates of teacher retirement in Wisconsin (Christian Science Monitor, 16 Sept.).

Tangibility for Teaching, Learning and Communicating Mathematics

September 15, 2011

Talk about getting high school students engaged! Let’s give them the tools they need to build a big catapult to hurl the projectiles of their choice across a gym and land on, or near, a target.

Rob Meyer in the Wall Street Journal

September 13, 2011

Rob Meyer talks to the Wall Street Journal about the work of the Value-Added Research Center (13 September, 2011).

Formative Assessment for High-Stakes Accountability

September 12, 2011

School leaders have considerable data to use for judging school performance, yet they can struggle to associate data with school leadership practice.

Diana Hess in the Palm Beach Post

September 7, 2011

Diana Hess says the majority of social studies and history textbooks available today cover 9/11, but overall, the coverage is wanting (Palm Beach Post, 7 Sept.).

Culturally Relevant Teaching in Pre-K Math

September 6, 2011

Beth Graue, Meg Meyer, and colleagues are developing a professional development program to help teachers of 4-year-old kindergarten.

Richard Halverson on PBS Mediashift

August 30, 2011

Richard Halverson says that skills developed through navigating video games and virtual environments might pay off later in the workplace (PBS Mediashift, 3 August).

Evaluating an Algebra Readiness Program

August 29, 2011

Bill Clune and WCER colleagues are evaluating an implementation of the Academic Youth Development (AYD) program.

Beth Graue in the Herald Online

August 27, 2011

Some studies show younger children tend to learn more in classrooms of fewer than 21 students, says Beth Graue, and learning in core subjects can suffer when the number of students tops 30 (Herald Online, 27 Aug.).

Collaborating in a Virtual Engineering Internship

August 22, 2011

Teamwork and collaboration are vital skills for students to master.

Beth Graue on

August 19, 2011

Beth Graue discusses the pros and cons of parents requesting certain teachers for their children (, 19 Aug.).

Mark Connolly in The Chronicle

August 18, 2011

Mark Connolly discusses the mutual influences of teaching and research in STEM fields (The Chronicle, 18 Aug.).