New Grants

Jed Richardson (PI) was awarded $172,746 by Temple University for the project “Financial Aid Nudges: A National Experiment to Increase Retention of Financial Aid and College Persistence,” through June, 2017.

Christine Pfund (PI) received $285,000 from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute for the project “Improving the Mentoring Relationships of Gilliam Fellows and their Mentors (CIMER HHMI Fellows)” through 2019.

Francois Tochon (PI) received $49,292.00 from the Spencer Foundation for the project “Language Education Policy and Identities Inclusion: Cultivating Distinctiveness: A Bi-Continental Conference Plan” through 2017.

John Gugerty (PI) received $18,000 from the Department of Education for the project “External Evaluation of the MSP TEAM Year 3 Project” through 2017.

Robert Mathieu (PI) received $227,847 from the National Science Foundation for the project “Collaborative Research: CIRTL INCLUDES - Towards an Alliance to Prepare a National Faculty for Broadening Success of Underrepresented 2-Year and 4-Year STEM Students,” through 2018.

Jerlando Jackson (PI) received $67,488 from the National Science Foundation for “Collborative Research: NSF INCLUDES: Consortium of Minority Doctoral Scholars (CMDS)” through 2018.

Jessica Maher (PI) received $132,129 from the National Science Foundation for the project, “Collaborative Research: Investigating Contextual Factors that Impact Early-Career Faculty Teaching Practices” through 2019.

Martina Rau (PI) received $593,795 from the National Science Foundation through 2019 for the project, “Supporting Chemistry Learning with Adaptive Support for Connection Making Between Graphical Representations in a Cognitive Tutoring System.”