New Grants

Steve Kimball, Herb Heneman and Brad Carl (PIs) received $144,000 from Westat for education technical assistance and support services (EDTASS), through September 2016.

Sara Goldrick-Rab (PI) received $70,000 from the Madison Metropolitan School District to evaluate the AVID TOPS Middle School program, through June 2016.

Steve Kimball and Brad Carl (co-PIs) were awarded $1.07 million from the Department of Public Instruction for continuing their work on the Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness System, through June 2017.

Annalee Good and Brad Carl (co-PIs) were awarded $2.1 million from the U.S. Dept. of Education to scale up Smart Spaces to keep underrepresented, gifted students engaged and challenged in school, through July 2020.

John Smithson and Eric Osthoff (co-PIs) were awarded $62,000 from the William T. Grant Foundation/U. of Southern California to research algebra instruction in the Common Core era, through October 2016. 

Elizabeth Cranley (PI) and the WIDA Early Years Team were awarded $56,000 from the Maryland State Department of Education for work on kindergarten readiness assessment for dual-language learners, through June 2016.

Eric Knuth (PI) was awarded $48,000 from TERC/National Science Foundation for his continued work on comparing the performance of students who receive an early algebra intervention to students who receive more traditional elementary-grade instruction, through August 2016.

Richard Halverson (PI) was awarded $125,000 for work with Wisconsin CESA 1 to document how personalized learning works in a variety of schools, through August 2016.