New Grants

Richard Halverson (PI) was awarded $125,000 for work with Wisconsin CESA 1 to document how personalized learning works in a variety of schools, through August 2016.

David Williamson Shaffer (PI) was awarded $10,000 from the Spencer Foundation for the project, “Exploring the Potential of Virtual Internships for Civic and Media Education,” through 2016. 

John Gugerty (PI) was awarded $18,000 from the U.S. Department of Education for evaluating the program, “Teachers Engaged in Authentic Mathematics (TEAM),” through August 2016.

Mark Connolly and Julia Nelson Savoy were awarded $175,445 from the National Science Foundation to extend “Talking About Leaving Revisited,” through 2017.

Peter Steiner (PI) was awarded $235,000 from the National Science Foundation to evaluate methods for assessing the impacts of STEM education and other initiatives, through August 2018.

Martina Rau, Percival Matthews and David Kaplan were awarded $3 million from the National Science Foundation to manage LUCID, an interdisciplinary program in learning, understanding, cognition, intelligence and data science, through August 2020. 

Janet Branchaw (PI) was awarded $100,000 from the National Science Foundation for building a web-based survey tool to support the collection of undergraduate learning assessment and program evaluation data, through August 2016.

Rob Meyer (PI) was awarded $100,000 from the MacArthur Foundation to evaluate a multi-site study of the educational well-being of children in assisted housing programs, through April 2016.