New Grants

David Gagnon (PI) was awarded $106,600 by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for the project "Field Day Lab - Year 5 Funding" through 2019.

Peter Wardrip (PI) was awarded $99,709 for the project "Research and Assessment in Makerspaces" from the Institute of Museum and Library Services through 2019.

Amy Bellmore (PI) leads the project "Daily Experiences with Diversity: Academic and Social Adjustment in High School," a subcontract of  a $440,240 total award to UC-Davis from the Institute of Education Sciences through 2021.

Annalee Good (PI) was awrded $63,000 from the U.S. Department Of Education for the project "Javits Expanding Excellence - Milwaukee Public Schools" through 2022.

Martha Alibali (PI) was awarded $524,049 by the National Science Foundation for the project “Collaborative Research: Fostering Conceptual Understanding and Skill with an Intelligent Tutoring System for Equation Solving through 2021.

Matthew Hora was awarded $25,000 from the University of Wisconsin System for the study of college internships on student outcomes.

Jed Richardson received a $50,000 grant from the Madison Metropolitan School District for a proposal on the AVID/TOPS Program Evaluation Study, through June 2018.

Eric Grodsky, Beth Grau and Katherine Magnuson received a $222,824 grant from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for the WREN SLDS Supplement project, through September 30, 2019.