New Grants

Michael Beall (PI), director of Gear Learning, was awarded a sub-contract of $10,000 by the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium and funded by NASA to create an astrobotany educational gaming system. The sub-contract runs through December 10, 2018.

David Gagnon (PI) received a $100,827 grant from the National Science Foundation for Girl ARTs (Augmented-Reality Targeting Science). The project is subcontracted through the University of Maryland, through July 2020. More

Matthew Hora received a $10,000 grant from Tianjin University in Eastern China for a month-long visit to study college internships early next fall. 

Eric Grodsky (co-PI) and Eric Camburn (co-PI) were awarded $395,092 from the Spencer Foundation for "The Madison Education Partnership: Collaborating Around the Transition to Kindergarten" through March 31, 2020,

Matthew Hora (PI) was awarded $25,000 from the University of Wisconsin System for the study of college internships on student outcomes. More.

David Williamson Shaffer (PI) was awarded $2 million from the National Science Foundation for the project Local Environmental Modeling: A Toolkit for Incorporating Place-Based Learning into Virtual Internships - A Scalable, Informal STEM Learning Environment through August 2021. More.

Erica Halverson (PI) was awarded $1.1 million from the National Science Foundation for the project EI: Making + Mentoring: Integrating Computational Thinking into Informal 6-12 STEM Education, through July 2020. More.

David Gagnon (PI) was awarded $59,102 by the National Science Foundation for the project "Exploring the Universe from Antarctica" through 2018.