Media Mentions

Richard Halverson on the Journal Sentinel

January 15, 2011

Richard Halverson says instructional materials in digital form will allow schools to choose their resources from multiple vendors that best fit their needs, rather than depending on the monolithic textbooks (Journal Sentinel, 15 Jan.).

David Williamson Shaffer on WTVM

January 2, 2011

David Williamson Shaffer says computer games are not inherently good or bad. . . you should model your decisions just like anything else you choose for your child (WTVM, 2 Jan.) .

Beth Graue in the Wisconsin State Journal & on WHBL

December 30, 2010

Beth Graue advocates for funding new 4K education programs in Wisconsin (Wisconsin State Journal, 29 Dec., WHBL, 30 Dec.)

Douglas Harris in the New York Times

December 26, 2010

Douglas Harris comments on teacher rankings in New York (New York Times, 26 Dec.).

Rob Meyer on the Journal Sentinel

December 25, 2010

Value-Added Research Center director Rob Meyer recalls working with states that have implemented the "Milwaukee Model" for data-driven teacher-improvement strategies, as Wisconsin's State Superintendent of Public Instruction creates a team to develop a statewide evaluation system for principals and teachers (Journal Sentinel, 25 Dec.)

Sara Goldrick-Rab and Douglas Harris on

December 10, 2010

Sara Goldrick-Rab and Douglas Harris point to cost-effective ways to help more students graduate from college (, 10 December).

Allan Odden in the Wisconsin State Journal

November 27, 2010

Allan Odden comments on efforts to move outstanding educators to struggling schools (Wisconsin State Journal, 27 Nov.).

Madeline Hafner in the Wisconsin State Journal

November 22, 2010

Minority Student Achievement Network director Madeline Hafner comments on a proposal for an all-male charter school in Madison (Wisconsin State Journal, 22 Nov.).

Steven Kimball in the La Crosse Tribune

November 14, 2010

Steven Kimball comments on Governor-elect Walker's plans for teacher evaluation and pay (La Crosse Tribune, 14 Nov).

Adam Gamoran in the Wisconsin State Journal

November 10, 2010

Adam Gamoran remarks on the value of Advanced Placement classes (Wisconsin State Journal, 10 Nov).

Allan Odden in Education Week

November 10, 2010

Allan Odden urges school districts to revamp their entire pay schedules, rather than just tinker with lane increases (Education Week, 10 Nov).

VARC in the LA Times

November 9, 2010

The Los Angeles Board of Education has approved a contract with WCER's Value-Added Research Center to analyze teachers' effectiveness in raising students' standardized test scores (LA Times, 9 Nov).

Adam Gamoran in Education Week

November 5, 2010

Adam Gamoran says states should be required to share student data with researchers as a condition of receiving federal grants to build databases (Education Week, 5 Nov.).

Adam Gamoran on Education Week

November 1, 2010

Adam Gamoran comments on the Institute of Education Sciences' decision to accept some additional research methods as meeting the highest quality bar (Education Week).

MSAN in the Harvard Education Letter

November 1, 2010

In the face of increasing segregation in public schools, the Minority Student Achievement Network works to raise the achievement of African American and Latino students (Harvard Education Letter, v. 26 no. 5).