Media Mentions

Richard Halverson in UW–MadisonNews

June 16, 2011

Richard Halverson and Morgridge Institute colleagues have released the digital game Virulent, which teaches key concepts in systems biology. UW–Madison News. (June 16, 2011)

Terry Millar in The Scientist

June 15, 2011

WCER researcher Terry Millar says legislative proposals to bar the university from using WiscNet could mean paying up to four times as much with private providers (The Scientist, 15 June)

Beth Graue in the New York Times

June 13, 2011

Beth Graue comments on the practice of delaying children's entry to kindergarten (New York Times, 13 June).

Sara Goldrick-Rab in Education Week, Diplomas Count

June 9, 2011

Sara Goldrick-Rab comments on community colleges' booming popularity (Education Week, Diplomas Count, 9 June, subscription required for full story).

Adam Gamoran in the Wisconsin State Journal

June 8, 2011

Madison is one of 6 state districts that didn’t meet the federal law No Child Left Behind goals in 2010-11; Adam Gamoran says schools should be judged instead on how much progress they make from one year to the next (Wisconsin State Journal, 8 June).

Rob Meyer on WKOW TV

June 8, 2011

Rob Meyer discusses school evaluation according to NCLB and Value-Added assessment (WKOW TV 27, 8 June).

Adam Gamoran in the Wisconsin State Journal

June 7, 2011

Adam Gamoran says judging school success based on where students are in a single point in time makes no sense. Rather, we should judge schools on how much progress they make with students from one year to the next (Wisconsin State Journal, 7 June).

Kurt Squire and Constance Steinkuehler in the Isthmus

May 20, 2011

Kurt Squire and Constance Steinkuehler work with video game developers to bridge the gap between games academics ad industry (Isthmus, 20 May).

Adam Gamoran in Science

May 12, 2011

Adam Gamoran comments on the National Research Council's study of successful STEM education in K-12 schools (Science, 12 May).

Richard Halverson on Maryland

May 11, 2011

Richard Halverson comments on how technology can improve school cultures without adding significantly to education budgets (Maryland, 11 May).

Sara Goldrick-Rab in the Madison Capital Times

May 2, 2011

Sara Goldrick-Rab comments on how the Chancellor's proposed New Badger Partnership may affect access and affordability for low- and middle-income students (Madison Capital Times, 2 May).

VARC in Education Week

April 27, 2011

WCER’s Value Added Research Center has expanded its technical assistance since the 1990s. It recently won a contract to help Los Angeles carry out a pilot program using value-added data (Education Week, 27 April, subscription required for full story).

Rob Meyer on KPCC Radio

April 12, 2011

Rob Meyer participates in a radio interview about the Value-Added Research Center's work in the Los Angeles Unified School District (KPCC Radio, 12 April).

Robert Meyer in the Journal Sentinell

April 7, 2011

VARC director Robert Meyer says the reason Milwaukee's voucher schools have not done better is perhaps because their test results have not been disclosed previously and those performing at the bottom have not been pressured to improve (Journal Sentinel, 7 April).

Gary Cook in Education Week

April 6, 2011

WIDA's Gary Cook discusses complexities involved when several states try to determine common definitions and criteria for English Language Learners (Education Week, 6 April).