Journal Articles

Recent publications authored by WCER researchers include:

Estimating the Causal Effect of Randomization Versus Treatment Preference in a Doubly-randomized Preference Trial,” Sue M. Marcus, Elizabeth A. Stuart, Pei Wang, William R. Shadish and Peter M. Steiner, Psychological Methods, 2012.

Addressing Youth Depression in Schools: Evaluation of an In-service Training for School Staff,” Carmen R. Valdez and Stephanie L. Budge, International Journal of Educational Psychology, 2012.

Balanced Mathematics: Increasing Participation through Differentiation,” Bridget Christenson and Anita A. Wager, Teaching Children Mathematics, 2012.

Incorporating Out-of-school Mathematics: From Cultural Context to Embedded Practice,” Anita Wager, Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, 2012.

Academic Performance of Community College Transfers: Psychological, Socio-demographic, and Educational Correlates,” Xueli Wang, Community College Journal of Research and Practice, 2012.

Factors Contributing to the Upward Transfer of Baccalaureate Aspirants Beginning at Community Colleges,” Xueli Wang, Journal of Higher Education, 2012.

Stability of Educational Expectations Among Baccalaureate Aspirants Beginning at Community Colleges,” Xueli Wang, Community College Review, 2012.

Assessment as a Scholarly Activity? Faculty Perceptions of and Willingness to Engage in Student Learning Assessment,” Xueli Wang and Sarah Hurley, Journal of Generational Education, 2012.

The Use of Repeated Reading in Afterschool Programs: Improving Outcomes for Struggling Elementary Students with Reading Difficulties,” Macid A. Melekoglu and Kimber L. Wilkerson, British Journal of Arts and Social Sciences, 2012.

Reading Instruction for Students with High Incidence Disabilities in Juvenile Corrections,” Kimber L. Wilkerson, Joseph Calvin Gagnon, Loretta Mason-Williams and Holly B. Lane, Preventing School Failure: Alternative Education for Children and Youth, 2012.

Reading Instruction in Secondary Day Treatment and Residential Schools for Youth with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders,” Kimber L. Wilkerson, Joseph Calvin Gagnon, Macid Ayhan Melekoglu and Orhan Cakiroglu, Remedial and Special Education, 2012.

When Race Disappears: Merit in the College Admissions Policy Decision-Making Process in the State of Texas,” Rachelle Winkle-Wagner, V. Thandi Sulè and Dina C. Maramba, Educational Policy, 2012.

Self, College Experiences, and Society: Rethinking Student Development Theory from a Sociological Perspective,” Rachelle Winkle-Wagner, College Student Affairs Journal, 2012.

The Politics of Desire and Possibility in Urban Playwriting: (Re)reading and (Re)writing the Script,” Maisha T. Winn, Pedagogies: An International Journal, 2012.

Measure for Measure: What Combining Diverse Measures Reveals about Children’s Understanding of the Equal Sign as an Indicator of Mathematical Equality,” Percival Matthews, Bethany Rittle-Johnson, Katherine McEldoon and Roger Taylor, Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 2012.

It Pays to be Organized: Organizing Arithmetic Practice around Equivalent Values Facilitates Understanding of Math Equivalence,” Nicole M. McNeil, Dana L. Chesney, Percival G. Matthews, Emily R. Fyfe, Lori A. Petersen, April E. Dunwiddie and Mary C. Wheeler, Journal of Educational Psychology, 2012.

Advancing STEM Undergraduate Learning: Preparing the Nation’s Future Faculty,” Christine Pfund , Robert Mathieu, Ann Austin, Mark Connolly, Brian Manske and Katie Moore, Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, 2012.

Nonparametric Statistical Tests for Single-case Systematic and Randomized ABAB … AB and Alternating Treatment Intervention Designs: New Developments, New Directions,” Joel R. Levin, John M. Ferron and Thomas R. Kratochwill, Journal of School Psychology, 2012.

Synthesizing Single-Case Research to Identify Evidence-Based Practices: Some Brief Reflections,” Robert H. Horner and Thomas R. Kratochwill, Journal of Behavioral Education, 2012.

Children, Research, and Public Policy,” Thomas R. Kratochwill, School Psychology Review, 2012.