Journal Articles

Recent publications authored by WCER researchers include:

Single-Case Intervention Research Design Standards,” Thomas R. Kratochwill, John H. Hitchcock, Robert H. Horner, Joel R. Levin, Samuel L. Odom, David M. Rindskopf and William R. Shadish, Remedial and Special Education, 2012.

Investigating Stage-sequential Growth Mixture Models with Multiphase Data,” Su-Young Kim and Jee-Seon Kim, Structural Equation Modeling, 2012.

Does Evaluation Advance Teaching Practice? The Effects of Performance Evaluation on Teaching Quality and System Change in Large Diverse High Schools,” Victoria J. Maslow and Carolyn J. Kelley, Journal of School Leadership, 2012.

Compliance, Opposition, and Behavior Problems in Toddlers Born Preterm or Lower Birthweight,” J., Poehlmann, A.M. Schwichtenberg, E. Hahn, K. Miller, J. Dilworth-Bart, David Kaplan and S. Maleck, Infant Mental Health Journal, 2012.

A Two-Step Bayesian Approach for Propensity Score Analysis: Simulations and Case Study,” David Kaplan and Jianshen Chen, Psychometrika, 2012.

The Role of Parental Language Acculturation in the Formation of Social Capital: Differential Effects on High-Risk Children,” Carmen R. Valdez, Monique T. Mills, Amanda J. Bohlig, David Kaplan, Child Psychiatry and Human Development, 2012.

The Process of Creation: A Novel Methodology for Analyzing Multimodal Data,” Erica Rosenfeld Halverson, Michelle Bass and
David Woods, The Qualitative Report, 2012.

Generalizing Norms and Preferences within Social Categories and Individuals,” Charles W. Kalish, Developmental Psychology, 2012.

How Young Children Learn From Examples: Descriptive and Inferential Problems,” Charles W. Kalish, Sunae Kim, Andrew G. Young, Cognitive Science, 2012.

Organizational Factors and Instructional Decision-Making: A Cognitive Perspective,” Matthew Tadashi Hora, Review of Higher Education, 2012.

Perceived Norms for Interactive Teaching and Their Relationship to Instructional Decision-Making: A Mixed Methods Study,” Matthew T. Hora and Craig Anderson, Higher Education, 2012.

Tuition Discounting for Revenue Management,Nicholas W. Hillman, Research in Higher Education, 2012.

Preparing for the Silver Tsunami: The Demand for Higher Education among Older Adults,” Ty M. Cruce and Nicholas W. Hillman, Research in Higher Education, 2012.

The Impact of State Appropriations and Grants on Access to Higher Education and Outmigration,” Robert K. Toutkoushian and Nicholas W. Hillman, Review of Higher Education, 2012.

Improving the Productivity of Educational Experiments: Lessons from a Randomized Trial of Need-based Financial Aid,” Douglas N. Harris and Sara Goldrick-Rab, Education Finance and Policy, 2012.

The Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership for Learning: A Next Generation Formative Evaluation and Feedback System,” Carolyn Kelley and Richard Halverson, Journal of Applied Research on Children: Informing Policy for Children at Risk, 2012.

Representation Radio: Digital Art-making as Transformative Pedagogical Practice in the College Classroom,” Michelle B. Bass and Erica R. Halverson, Pedagogies: An International Journal, 2012.

Evidence, Methodology, Test-Based Accountability and Educational Policy: A Scholarly Exchange Between Dr. Eric A Hanushek and Drs. John Robert Warren and Eric Grodsky,” Eric A. Hanushek, John Robert Warren and Eric Grodsky, Educational Policy, 2012.

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same? Prior Achievement Fails to Explain Gender Inequality in Entry into STEM College Majors Over Time,” Catherine Riegle-Crumb, Barbara King, Eric Grodsky and Chandra Muller, American Educational Research Journal, 2012.

Differences between Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Families in Social Capital and Child Development: First-year Findings from an Experimental Study,” Adam Gamoran, Ruth N. López Turley, Alyn Turner and Rachel Fish, Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, 2012.