Working Papers

Gesture as Model Enactment: The Depictive and Causal Roles of Gesture in Mental Model Construction When Learning from Text

WCER Working Paper No. 2012-3   March 2012

Author(s): Mitchell J. Nathan and Chelsea V. Johnson

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Inquiry-based Science Instruction and the Science Immersion Instructional Reform

WCER Working Paper No. 2012-2   January 2012

Author(s): Kimberle A. Kelly, Alexan Chalaganyan, and Erika Hernandez

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Investigating the Antecedents to Instructors' Self-Efficacy for Teaching: Implications for Pedagogical Reform

WCER Working Paper No. 2012-1   January 2012

Author(s): Matthew T. Hora, and Joseph Ferrare

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Practice-Based Evidence for Children and Adolescents: Advancing the Research Agenda in Schools

WCER Working Paper No. 2011-6   December 2011

Author(s): Thomas R. Kratochwill, Kimberly Eaton-Hoagwood, Anne E. Kazak, John R. Weisz, Korey Hood, Luis A. Vargas, and Gerard A. Banez

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"What's the Science Behind It?" The Interaction of Engineering and Science Goals, Knowledge, and Practices in a Design-Based Activity

WCER Working Paper No. 2011-5   October 2011

Author(s): Mary Leonard and Sharon J. Derry

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Changing Demographics in the Schools: Wisconsin's New Latino Diaspora

WCER Working Paper No. 2011-4   August 2011

Author(s): Rebecca Lowenhaupt and Eric Camburn

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The Mismeasure of Boys: Reading and Online Videogames

WCER Working Paper No. 2011-3   July 2011

Author(s): Constance Steinkuehler

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Teaching Assessment for Teacher Human Capital Management: Learning From the Current State of the Art

WCER Working Paper No. 2011-2   March 2011

Author(s): Anthony T. Milanowki, Herbert G. Heneman III, and Steven M. Kimball

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Games and Simulations for Diabetes Education

WCER Working Paper No. 2011-1   February 2011

Author(s): Nathan Patterson, Moses Wolfenstein, Susan Millar, Richard Halverson, and Kurt Squire

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Games and Simulations in Informal Science Education

WCER Working Paper No. 2010-14   December 2010

Author(s): Kurt Squire and Nathan Patterson

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Conservative Dual-Criterion Method for Single-Case Research: A Guide for Visual Analysis of AB, ABAB, and Multiple-Baseline Designs

WCER Working Paper No. 2010-13   December 2010

Author(s): Christopher M. Swoboda, Thomas R. Kratochwill, and Joel R. Levin

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Cyberinfrastructure and Scientific Collaboration: Application of a Virtual Team Performance Framework with Potential Relevance to Education

WCER Working Paper No. 2010-12   October 2010

Author(s): Sara Kraemer and Christopher A. Thorn

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Making Sense of Time as Context: Theoretical Affordances of Chronotopes in the Study of Schooling and School Success

WCER Working Paper No. 2010-11   September 2010

Author(s): Catherine Compton-Lilly

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The Epistemography of a Journalism Practicum: The Complex Mechanisms of Developing Journalistic Expertise

WCER Working Paper No. 2010-10   July 2010

Author(s): David Hatfield and David Williamson Shaffer

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Enhancing Middle School Students' Representational Fluency: A Classroom-Based Study

WCER Working Paper No. 2010-9   July 2010

Author(s): Mitchell J. Nathan , Martha W. Alibali, Kate Masarik, Ana C. Stephens, and Kenneth R. Koedinger

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