Journal Articles

Recent publications authored by WCER researchers include:

Schools Can Still Improve,” Allan Odden Educational Leadership, 2011.

Editor's Introduction: Symposium on Genetic Data in Health Economics Research,” John Mullahy, Heath Economics, 2011.

Understanding Socioeconomic and Racial Differences in Adult Lung Function,” David Van Sickle, Sheryl Magzamen and John Mullahy, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 2011.

How Professional Development in Project Lead the Way Changes High School STEM Teachers’ Beliefs about Engineering Education,” Mitchell J. Nathan, Amy K. Atwood, Amy Prevost, L. Allen Phelps and Natalie A. Tran, Journal of Pre-college Engineering Education Research, 2011.

Education Alignment and Accountability in an Era of Convergence: Policy Insights from States with Individual Learning Plans and Policies,” Allen Phelps, Julie Durham and Joan Wills, Education Policy Analysis Archives, 2011.

The Accreditation Process for Science: The Path Leads to Unintended (Positive) Consequences,” Beth Kubitskey, Sandra Rutherford, Bonnie Wylo, Peggy Liggit, Journal of College Science Teaching, 2011.

Mentor Modeling: The Internalization of Modeled Professional Thinking in an Epistemic Game,” Padraig Nash and David Williamson Shaffer, Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 2011.

How Well-Aligned Are State Assessments of Student Achievement With State Content Standards?,” Morgan S. Polikoff, Andrew C. Porter and John Smithson, American Educational Research Journal, 2011.

A Randomized Experiment Comparing Random to Cutoff-based Assignment,” William R. Shadish, Rodolfo Galindo, Vivian C. Wong, Peter M. Steiner, Thomas D. Cook, Psychological Methods, 2011.

On the Importance of Reliable Covariate Measurement in Selection Bias Adjustments Using Propensity Scores,” Peter M. Steiner, Thomas D. Cook and William R. Shadish, Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, 2011.

Middle School Students’ Understanding of Core Algebraic Concepts: Equivalence & Variable,” Eric J. Knuth, Martha W. Alibali, Nicole M. McNeil, Aaron Weinberg and Ana C. Stephens, Early Algebraization: Advances in Mathematics Education, 2011.

Identifying Patterns of Early Risk for Mental Health and Academic Problems in Adolescence: A Longitudinal Study of Urban Youth,” Carmen R. Valdez, Sharon F. Lambert and Nicholas S. Ialongo, Child Psychiatry and Human Development, 2011.

Provider Perspectives about Latino Patients: Determinants of Care and Implications for Treatment,” Carmen R. Valdez, Michael J. Dvorscek, Stephanie L. Budge and Sarah Esmond, The Counseling Psychologist, 2011.

A Pilot Study of a Family-focused Intervention for Children and Families Affected by Maternal Depression,” Carmen R. Valdez, Carrie L. Mills, Sandra Barrueco, Julie Leis and Anne W. Riley, Journal of Family Therapy, 2011.

The First-Generation College Student Experience: Implications for Campus Practice, and Strategies for Improving Persistence and Success,” Rachelle Winkle-Wagner Journal of College Student Development, 2011.

Toward a Performance of Possibilities: Resisting Gendered (In)justice,” Maisha Winn and Chelsea A. Jackson, International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 2011.

The Right to be Literate: Literacy, Education, and the School-to-Prison Pipeline,” Maisha Winn and Nadia Behizadeh, Review of Research in Education, 2011.

Assessing Knowledge of Mathematical Equivalence: A Construct-modeling Approach,” Bethany Rittle-Johnson, Percival G. Matthews, Roger S. Taylor, Katherine L. McEldoon, Journal of Educational Psychology, 2011.

Trends and Issues in High School Mathematics: Research Insights and Needs,” Chris Rasmussen, Daniel J. Heck, James E. Tarr, Eric Knuth, Dorothy Y. White, Diana V. Lambdin, Patricia C. Baltzley, Judith Reed Quander, David Barnes, Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 2011.

A Note on Cluster Effects in Latent Class Analysis,” David Kaplan and Bryan Keller, Structural Equation Modeling, 2011.