Journal Articles

Recent publications authored by WCER researchers include:

Can Semi-Supervised Learning Explain Incorrect Beliefs about Categories?,” Charles W. Kalish, Timothy T. Rogers, Jonathan Lang and Xiaojin Zhu, Cognition, 2011.

The Cross-Activation Theory at 10,” Edward M. Hubbard, David Brang and Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, Journal of Neuropsychology, 2011.

Teacher Training, Teacher Quality, and Student Achievement,” Douglas N. Harris and Tim R. Sass, Journal of Public Economics, 2011.

Value-added Measures and the Future of Educational Accountability,” Douglas N. Harris, Science, 2011.

Sex and School: Adolescent Sexual Intercourse and Education,” Bill McCarthy and Eric Grodsky, Social Problems, 2011.

Something to Fall Back On: Community Colleges as a Safety Net,” Demetra Kalogrides and Eric Grodsky, Social Forces, 2011.

The View from the Lighted Schoolhouse: Conceptualizing Home-school Relations within a Class Size Reduction Reform,” Elizabeth Graue and Melissa Sherfinski, American Journal of Education, 2011.

Are We Paving Paradise?Elizabeth Graue, Educational Leadership, 2011.

Reclaiming Assessment through Accountability that is ‘Just Right,’Elizabeth Graue and Erica Johnson, Teachers College Record, 2011.

Whither the Virtuous Cycle? Past and Future Trends in Black-White Inequality in Educational Attainment,” Daniel A. Long, Sean Kelly and Adam Gamoran, Social Science Research, 2011.

Book Review: Diversity and Equity in Science Education: Research, Policy and Practice,” Noah Feinstein, Science Education, 2011.

The Proof Is in the Practice,” Amy B. Ellis, Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, 2011.

Generalizing-Promoting Actions: How Classroom Collaborations Can Support Students' Mathematical Generalizations,” Amy B. Ellis, Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 2011.

Academic Achievement for English Learners: What Can We Reasonably Expect?H. Gary Cook, Timothy Boals and Todd Lundberg, Phi Delta Kappan, 2011.

Issues in Vertical Scaling of a K-12 English Language Proficiency Test,” Dorry M. Kenyon, David MacGregor, Dongyang Li and H. Gary Cook, Language Testing, 2011.

Legal Disintegration and a Theory of the State,” William H. Clune, German Law Journal, 2011.

Two Decades of Generalizable Evidence on U.S. Instruction from National Surveys,” Eric M. Camburn and Seong Won Han, Teachers College Record, 2011.

Ambitious Pedagogy by Novice Teachers: Who Benefits from Tool-Supported Collaborative Inquiry into Practice and Why?,” Mark Windschitl, Jessica Thompson and Melissa Braaten, Teachers College Record, 2011.

Working Toward a Stronger Conceptualization of Scientific Explanation for Science Education,” Melissa Braaten and Mark Windschitl, Science Education, 2011.

Family Background and School Effects on Student Achievement: A Multilevel Analysis of the Coleman Data,” Spyros Konstantopoulos and Geoffrey D. Borman, Teachers College Record, 2011.